Odoo Certified Partner

Odoo Certified Partner in Saudi Arabia

You don’t have to search for an odoo certified partner to work with; instead,
you should focus on a professional implementation company such as
OEC Consulting.

 Let’s explore together the Odoo implementation methodology and how Odoo can keep your business standing out of the curve.


6 Steps for Odoo Implementation Methodology:

Implementing Odoo for SMEs typically involves a structured methodology to ensure
a smooth transition and effective utilization of the platform.
Furthermore, you need to work with a specialized consultant like
OEC, rather than an odoo certified partner. 

Here are 6 steps implementation methodology for Odoo:


  • Planning and Analysis:

 Our experts in this stage start to conduct thorough interviews and workshops with key stakeholders
to gain insights into how your business operates.
It’s crucial to understand that an odoo certified partner does not have experience in all industries like us,
we understand each department’s 
workflow, from sales and inventory to finance and HR.


Furthermore, by analyzing current processes and gathering feedback from your employees,
we can identify pain points and inefficiencies that Odoo can address.
Unlike an odoo certified partner doesn’t do this step as well as we do.
Your pain points could include manual data entry, a lack of integration between systems,
or difficulty accessing real-time information.


Further, we set clear objectives for the odoo implementation cost, such as improving efficiency,
reducing costs, or increasing sales.
These objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).


  • Configuration and Customization:


Make use of Odoo’s customizable configuration options to fit your business needs.
This could entail configuring modules like accounting, HR, inventory control,
and CRM based on the procedures and structure of the company.
A great deal of customization is possible with Odoo from
OEC Consulting to match particular company processes.
Adapt fields, forms, reports, and workflows to improve the user experience and expedite processes.
Integrate any additional software programs that the SME uses with Odoo to guarantee smooth
data transfer and system consistency.
Shipping services, payment gateways, and e-commerce platforms are examples of common integrations. 


  • Data Migration:

Data extraction is the process of taking information out of already-existing systems,
such as databases, spreadsheets, and legacy software.
Customer histories, product details, sales transactions, inventory levels,
and other information are examples of data.
Furthermore, to guarantee accuracy and consistency,
data must be cleaned and prepared before being migrated to Odoo.
This could entail fixing any problems with data quality,
standardizing formats, and reducing duplication.

We create a map between the extracted data fields and relationships and the data structure of Odoo.
This guarantees that information is accurately transferred and keeps its integrity in the new system.
Note that an odoo certified partner can do data migration successfully as we do,
in addition, we are specialized in all industries around the world.


  • Training and User Adoption:

Give staff members comprehensive instruction on how to use Odoo efficiently.
Training can be delivered in-person, online, or through workshops,
and it can be customized to meet the unique requirements of various user roles.
Further, provide documentation and user guides that act as a reference when utilizing Odoo.
These resources ought to include important functions, typical jobs, and troubleshooting techniques.
Remember that, an Odoo certified partner doesn’t have a complete experience with Odoo implementation. 


Furthermore, provide interactive workshops and practical sessions to acquaint participants
with the features and interface of Odoo.
In addition, it promotes active involvement and provides people with chances to get a feel for the system.
Emphasize Odoo’s benefits and clear up any misunderstandings to allay employee fears and reluctance to change.
Encourage and support users continuously to aid in their system adaptation. 


OEC Consulting can provide comprehensive training sessions tailored to the specific needs
of different user roles within the SME.
Unlike an odoo certified partner doesn’t provide training sessions.
Further, this training can encompass various formats, including workshops,
online courses, or one-on-one sessions, depending on the preferences and requirements of the SME.


  • Testing and Quality Assurance:

Make sure all configured modules and modifications work as intended by thoroughly testing them.
To find any faults or problems, this involves testing various scenarios, edge cases, and user interactions.
Conduct functional testing to confirm that Odoo satisfies the specified requirements
and achieves the business goals of the SME.
To make sure they function properly and effectively,
this entails testing particular features and workflows.

Find and fix any defects or problems found during testing as soon as possible.
To resolve problems and make the required modifications to setups or customizations,
collaborate closely with the development team and the implementation team.

Get input from important parties, such as end users and SME management,
and make the required adjustments in response to their suggestions.
It takes constant development to make sure Odoo successfully satisfies changing business needs.

We can conduct interactive workshops and hands-on sessions to familiarize
users with the Odoo interface and functionalities,
however, an odoo certified partner doesn’t provide this testing and support.
Further, these sessions will encourage active participation and provide opportunities
for users to practice using the system in a controlled environment.


  • Deployment and Support:

Strategically plan and execute the deployment of Odoo in the production environment,
adhering to the predefined timeline.
Moreover, this entails close coordination with IT personnel and stakeholders to minimize
downtime and ensure a seamless transition.

We continuously monitor the performance of Odoo post-implementation to identify any issues or bottlenecks promptly.
In addition, proactively addressing any post-deployment challenges helps minimize disruptions to business operations.
However, an odoo certified partner doesn’t provide you with the complete support we do.  

Furthermore, we provide consistent support and maintenance to guarantee the smooth functioning of Odoo.
Further, it includes addressing user inquiries, troubleshooting technical issues,
and promptly applying software updates and patches as required.

We can provide ongoing support and encouragement which the odoo certified partner does not offer.
Make sure that we help users adapt to the new system smoothly.
In addition, we provide support which includes answering user inquiries,
troubleshooting technical issues, and providing guidance on best practices for utilizing Odoo effectively.

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How Does Odoo ERP from OEC Enhance Your Business Efficiency?

Centralized Data Management:

Our knowledge and experience with Odoo implementation
over the past nine years ensure that the ERP system is successfully configured and tailored
to your company’s unique requirements.
Our familiarity with industry standards and best practices may optimize
productivity and speed up the implementation process.
However, an odoo certified partner does not have the ultimate experience in all industries. 


Streamlined Processes:

For essential business operations including purchasing, accounting,
inventory management, sales, and human resources, Odoo offers integrated modules.
In addition, an odoo certified partner does not help streamline operations and cut down on inefficiencies
by automating repetitive jobs, standardizing workflows, and doing away with manual processes.


Improved Communication and Collaboration:

Odoo’s collaborative features, such as document management,
chat, and shared calendars, help your team members communicate and work together more effectively.
In addition, this facilitates collaboration, minimizes misinterpretations, and expedites the process of reaching decisions.


Enhanced Customer Relationship Management:

when you use the Odoo CRM module from OEC,
it enables your business to manage leads, opportunities, and customer interactions effectively.
On the other hand, an odoo certified partner does not provide you with the support
you need in case any technical issue happens. 

Furthermore, by centralizing customer data and tracking communication history,
your business can personalize interactions, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities,
and improve customer satisfaction.


Efficient Resource Utilization:

With Odeo ERP resource planning capabilities,
your business can optimize resource allocation, including human resources, materials, and equipment.
In addition, by aligning resources with demand and capacity,
your business can minimize waste reduce costs, and maximize productivity.


Customization and Flexibility:

Odoo’s modular architecture and extensive customization
options enable businesses to tailor the system to their specific requirements.
Whether it’s configuring workflows, adding custom fields, or developing bespoke functionalities,
Odoo can be customized to fit unique business processes and preferences.
Furthermore, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation
of Odoo post-implementation, unlike the Odoo certified partner.
Whether it’s addressing user inquiries, troubleshooting technical issues, or applying software updates,
OEC Consulting is here to provide timely assistance and keep your business running smoothly.

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