odoo implementation cost

Odoo Implementation Cost

If you have a company and need to enhance every process that happens in all departments
and elevate the efficiency of your employees, you need an ERP system like Odoo.

When considering Odoo implementation, one of the key questions for businesses is the cost involved.
OEC, we understand that every business has unique requirements, and budgets can vary.
That’s why we offer the most competitive odoo implementation cost designed to meet a range
of business needs without compromising on quality or functionality.

In this blog, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about the cost of implementing Odoo,
the process involved, and how we at OEC can support your business.


What is the Odoo ERP System?

Enterprise resource planning software Odoo is used by the entire organization to manage business activities.
When combined, Odoo’s fully integrated and functioning business apps,
or Odoo apps, constitute an ERP solution.
Open-source software Odoo is offered as the Enterprise edition.
Furthermore, the odoo implementation cost is reasonable. 

With over 5,000,000 users, Odoo is the most widely used ERP software in terms of capability,
customization and the reasonability of the
odoo implementation cost.
In addition, it is open-source software that offers the greatest number of business
functionalities -14,000 apps or modules and the flexibility to fully customize it to your organization.
With Odoo, your business can complete all tasks from a single location and on any device.

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6 Steps for Odoo ERP Implementation:

We can help you implement odoo system for your business, and provide training for your employees.
Our odoo implementation cost is very competitive, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.
With Odoo, you can reduce IT infrastructure and maintenance costs since it’s cloud-based
and doesn’t require extensive hardware.
By improving efficiency and reducing operational costs, odoo can provide a faster return on investment (ROI).


Here are steps for Odoo implementation process: 

1- Define Your Business Objectives:

The first step in implementing Odoo for your company is to establish measurable goals.
This entails determining precisely the operations and procedures within your business system
that the ERP system will oversee,
as well as the goals your organization hopes to accomplish.
Objectives can be streamlining processes, gaining more insight into data to make decisions,
standardizing departmental practices, or getting ready for future expansion.

Our experts at OEC can help you enlist key personnel from every department,
which is essential to ensuring that these objectives align with the organization’s overarching
strategic aims during the Odoo implementation process. 


2- Solution Design and Planning:

Plan the Odoo implementation to support your business goals based on the needs assessment.
This includes:

Module Selection: At this step, we help you select the Odoo modules that suit your business needs,
such as CRM, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, and HR.

Customization Plan: Establish whether additional customizations, such as unique fields,
workflows, or system integrations, are required.

Implementation Timeline: Make a thorough schedule that outlines the major dates
and deadlines for the process of implementation.
Additionally, our odoo implementation cost is budget-friendly.

To guarantee effective Odoo implementation, you need an expert consulting company like OEC.
With over 9 years of experience in all industries, we can manage your project. 

3-Configuration and Customization:

Once the plan is finalized, OEC can help you configure and customize Odoo to align with your business requirements.
Here’s what we offer:

  • Module Setup: We will set up the Odoo modules you have selected,
    making sure they are in line with your goals and business procedures.
    Don’t worry about our odoo implementation cost, we offer a competitive cost.
  • Customized Features: We can develop customized processes, reports,
    or features inside of Odoo if your company needs a certain kind of functionality.
    This could entail custom programming or application integration with other outside programs.
  • User Roles and Permissions: To provide safe system access, we will set user roles and permissions.
    This action supports appropriate user management and data security.

4- Data Migration:

At OEC, we specialize in data migration to Odoo, ensuring a smooth transition without data loss or corruption.
Here’s how we handle it:

  • Data Mapping: After analyzing your existing data structure, we map it to the Odoo format.
  • Data Cleaning: To guarantee data quality, our team eliminates duplicates
    and corrects errors from your data as it is cleaned and prepared.
    Furthermore, the odoo implementation cost is affordable.
  • Data Import: After your data has been imported into Odoo, OEC verifies its accuracy and consistency.

5- Training and Testing:

To make sure your team is comfortable with Odoo and that the system works as expected, we focus on:

  • User Training: To make sure your staff members are able to use Odoo efficiently,
    we offer training courses that are customized to each individual’s position.
  • Documentation: To assist staff members in comprehending and utilizing the system,
    OEC offers user manuals and other documentation.
  • Quality Assurance Testing: To find and fix any problems, our staff conducts thorough testing.
    User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is part of this to make sure the technology complies with your company’s needs.

6- Go-Live and Support:

Once the training and testing are complete, OEC helps you go live with the new system.
Our process includes:

  • Preparation for Go Live: We make sure every user is prepared and that a thorough support strategy is in place.
    To cause the least amount of inconvenience to your business, we select a go-live time.
  • Go-Live Execution: We open Odoo to all users while continuously monitoring and quickly resolving any problems.
  • Post-Implementation Support: OEC offers continuous assistance to address any issues
    that may arise following the go-live.
    This includes fixing bugs, updating the system, and providing more training as required.

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How Much Does Odoo Implementation Cost?


The odoo implementation cost can vary depending on several factors,
including the size and complexity of your business, the number of modules you need,
the level of customization required, and other specific requirements.
On the other hand, OEC provides very affordable pricing for the odoo implementation cost,
tailored to fit a variety of budgets.

When you work with OEC we provide you with a customized solution that prioritizes value
delivery at an affordable odoo implementation cost.
In close collaboration with you, our team determines your requirements
and creates an economic implementation strategy.
To give you a reliable odoo implementation cost, we strive to strike a balance between quality and affordability.

The following are some factors that affect the odoo implementation cost: 

  • Number of Modules: The implementation will be more complex the more modules you require.
  • Customization Requirements: The odoo implementation cost may change if your company
    requires unique features or integrations.
  • Data Migration Complexity: You have to know that the odoo implementation cost is influenced
    by the volume and complexity of data migration.
  • Training and Support: The doo implementation cost may also vary depending on the extent
    of training and continuing assistance you need.

OEC prioritizes openness and customization so that you can select the implementation package
that best fits your needs both financially and operationally.
We make odoo implementation cost affordable for companies of all sizes by providing competitive pricing,
guaranteeing that you will receive exceptional returns on your investment.



The cost of implementing Odoo depends on various factors, but we offer competitive pricing
that makes it accessible to a wide range of businesses.
In addition, we provide a balance between quality and affordability,
ensuring that you receive a robust and efficient Odoo system at a reasonable price. 

We work closely with you to create a customized implementation plan that aligns with your specific goals,
whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise.
Our cost-effective approach includes flexible options, allowing you to choose the modules,
customizations, and support levels that suit your budget.

With OEC, you can expect competitive pricing, expert guidance, and a focus on delivering value.

Don’t wait! Contact us today to learn more about our odoo implementation cost and find out how we can help your business grow.