IT solutions

“Our job is to provide you the best IT services needed”

Businesses now need to meet all their objectives and tasks using the technologies we have now a days and keep up with the rapid advancements that we are going through each day. We make sure that you are up to date with the technologies that help you reach your business goals and make sure that all your IT needs are met.

OEC provides IT management services providing your business with your IT needs Outsourcing your business with technical support for your hardware and software services. We also provide the following:

      – Hardware supplies:
      – Computers customized to your needs
      – Printers and Copiers and all their supplies
      – Software needs
      – Security systems
      – In company networking for fast and secure communication.

We also provide technical support for all our provided hardware and software services.


Digital archiving

“ your important items deserve to be stored with digital archiving”

Companies today collect and process so much data that storing it all is becoming an issue. In the past, a few filing cabinets provided more than enough space and security. But times have changed, It’s time to move on from analogue and commit fully to digital.