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About Us

Our vision


Our vision is to move Egypt to the new era of the paperless world. We want to provide your business with all your hardware and software, needs to move your business to a fully digital business with the highest quality and security and help you reach all your goals and needs.

Who we are


OEC was founded in 2015 by a team who is passionate to help business improve and move to the online world by providing businesses with all their Technology need. We specialized in suppling companies with hardware and software services as well as Digital archiving that best suits business and make teams and companies reach their full potential.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help businesses to be part of the technological revolution we are all currently in and to enable companies to join us and the rest of the world by providing your business with all your technological needs.

Our Core Values


We work to make our solutions produce accurate outputs, that our clients can rely on. Any error is automatically detected and is Resolved to ensure the reliability of the solution.


We are proud of providing high quality solutions and products to our customers as serving with top quality saves time and cost on the long term.


Utmost commitment towards serving our customers. The “customer comes first” mindset governs the actions of all our employees, Focusing on achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

We are proud of providing exceptional customer service to all our clients believing that our communication with our customers is what makes us and them move forward to the next level.


We provide total transparency to our customers as we believe that their feedback and information is what keeps us moving forward.